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FAQ / Troubleshooting2019-08-11T01:06:25-04:00

We hope you never have a problem… but if you do, these tips usually resolve any issues.

I can’t see the login screen2019-07-01T18:06:11-04:00
Sometimes when we upgrade CalendarBudget, your browser holds on to the old version of the code in the browser cache and gets confused, resulting in a blank screen. Most often, this can be resolved by clearing the cache.
You can clear your cache by following the instructions here:
Clear Cache Instructions
After clearing your cache, reload CalendarBudget. If the problem persists, please open a support ticket telling us which browser you use and details about what’s happening.
Android App – Blank Screen2019-07-01T18:06:19-04:00

Our app enables us to push you “over-the-air” app updates without you needing to update the app through the app store. This allows us to deliver you the latest features as soon as they are ready, but sometimes, this causes a problem. If you are getting a blank white screen or just the app won’t get to the login screen, please try the following:

  • Open Android Settings and go to Apps -> CalendarBudget -> Storage.
  • Click both buttons “Clear cache” and “Clear data”

Then try re-launching the app. This usually fixes any problems.

Reset / How To Delete Everything & Start Over2019-07-01T18:07:21-04:00

Go to Setup -> Account Setup and click “Reset Account” beside the account you want to start over on.

How do I change the credit card info used to pay my subscription?2019-07-01T18:07:39-04:00

This change needs to be made at PayPal in your account.
This article explains how: https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-view-or-edit-my-account-information-faq772

If you paid using a credit card only (and didn’t use a PayPal account), I’ll have to cancel your subscription and you can simply re-subscribe with the correct information next time you log in. Don’t worry, your account data will be safe even if we cancel your subscription.

How do I change the budget amounts that are used in the category sidebar?2019-07-01T17:45:07-04:00
Go into Setup -> Category Setup (or click the Category Setup icon at the top of the category list or use the Setup menu). In the Category Setup, enter numbers as monthly budgets. You can set budgets for the specific month you are browsing, or set normal budgets for that category.

If a budget for a specific month is set, it will override the default budget entry. Once you enter these values and save the Category Setup, the figures on the category sidebar will automatically update, which are the difference between your actual spending and your budget plan.

Note: If you leave a category budget blank, it defaults to $0, and thus the sidebar figures are simply a negative total of all of your spending ($0.00 – actual spending = result).

How can I switch from monthly to yearly?2019-07-01T18:03:31-04:00

To switch to a year payment, you’ll first need to cancel your existing subscription (in Setup -> Membership Setup and click Cancel in the grey PayPal section at the top [do not click the Delete My Membership button]).

Don’t worry – canceling your membership subscription does not delete your account.

When you come back to CalendarBudget from PayPal, and again go to Membership Details, now you’ll see the year option. At the moment, it’s not a yearly subscription, just a 1-year payment that you’ll need to make again next year (we’ll give you plenty of warning). The year option is $40, saving you 2 months cost.

If you have any trouble canceling your existing monthly subscription, let us know and we can cancel it for you.

My categories don’t show up in the category drop down when creating/editing an entry2019-07-01T17:43:47-04:00

CalendarBudget supports multiple currencies which are set both on Accounts and Categories. If there is a mismatch, (ie, the currency symbol on your categories is “$”, but your account is changed to be “€”, when creating/editing an entry in that account, categories with currency “$” will not show up since you cannot mix $ and €.

To fix this, make sure your account currency (Setup -> Account Setup) and your categories (Setup -> Category Setup) match where you expect them to.
What are the numbers beside the categories in the sidebar?2019-07-01T17:43:22-04:00

Category BudgetsThose numbers are the difference between your actual spending in that category versus what you budgeted for that category.

For example, in expense categories, if you budgeted to spend $400 and spend $450, the number would be($50), meaning you have overspent on your budget in this category by $50. In income categories, if you budgeted to obtain $2000 and only got $1900, the number would be ($100), meaning you have not reached your budget goal by $100.

Does CalendarBudget connect to my bank account?2019-07-01T18:05:08-04:00

No. While CalendarBudget contains data about your finances, that data gets into CalendarBudget either by manually entering it into CalendarBudget, or by importing transactions that you’ve exported from your online bank account.

So, while CalendarBudget should match your bank account balances, it does not actually connect to your bank account, and you will never be asked for any banking information. We chose to take this approach to maximize your security and allow you to maintain the security policy with your bank, thus not putting your hard-earned money at risk.
See here for more information about the risks of using a service that connects to your bank account –> https://calendarbudget.org/blog/security-with-online-banking-and-budgeting-tools/

If you are still experiencing problems, let us know and we’ll make sure to get you up and running as soon as possible.

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