We provide bank-level security.

  • CalendarBudget is a secure budgeting app which uses 256-bit SSL encryption, the industry standard for data protection, to ensure that all communications are secure.
  • We store transaction information in a secure datacenter, on our own offsite servers, protected by biometric scanners.

You cannot move money.

  • CalendarBudget offers valuable insights and analytic tools to help you better understand your money but CalendarBudget is a “read only” service. Meaning: you can view and organize your money with CalendarBudget, but you cannot move real money between accounts or out of your bank, credit union or credit card accounts.

Safely upload your transactions from your online bank.

  • Importing your transactions from your online bank (OFX file) is completely safe with this secure budgeting software, with no personally identifiable information ever read or stored. When you upload your transactions into CalendarBudget, the only information that is read and processed are your individual transactions; all other information is discarded from the system.

Only you can see your data.

  • Your account is protected by an encrypted password.

Data collection and usage.

  • We collect usage information about how our members use CalendarBudget to help improve our services.
  • To facilite easy log in and sign up, we allow log in and sign up with Facebook and Google accounts. This information is used only for validation of your identity at login and sign up. We do not store any personal information from these accounts or contact your friends or post to your social accounts.
  • We do not store bank account or other sensitive information other than your email and the data you enter into CalendarBudget.

You are safe and secure with CalendarBudget.

If you have questions, comments, concerns or feedback regarding privacy or security with CalendarBudget, contact us.