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Budgeting Tips For Buying a Home


Buying a new home in Canada is becoming increasingly expensive. Last year, Living in Canada published two charts showing average house prices, and they showed that the price of homes ranged anywhere from C$225,826 to a little over C$1.31 million. Coupled with new requirements, such as the 20% down payment rule, buying a new home is a huge financial burden for most homeowners. However, if you feel that you are ready to buy a new home then don't be discouraged. There are plenty of budgeting tips that can help you save money. Meet with a mortgage advisor It is crucial [...]

Budgeting Tips For Buying a Home2019-08-11T20:36:56-04:00

Special Report: How Your Budgeting Technique Affects Your Wealth


In the book The Next Millionaires by Paul Pilzer, the idea is put forth that our financial success is not only based on what resources we have available to us but also what tools we use. The Next Millionaires is a great book on the new economics that will shape our current and future generations and it challenges many old economic principles. One of the great gems found inside is an equation that Paul discovered. W = P * T Wealth = Personal Resources * Technology This theory suggests that our wealth (as a society) is determined not only by [...]

Special Report: How Your Budgeting Technique Affects Your Wealth2019-07-17T01:03:52-04:00

CalendarBudget is now LOW COST!!… but we need your help


CalendarBudget has moved to a monthly cost of $3.99 USD/month. Many of you have asked why so inexpensive? We'd love to share our plans with you! Since the beginning we've wanted CalendarBudget to be available to as many people as possible. We know that people have been spoiled by free tools on the Internet and any fee-based service - as awesome as it may be - will be overlooked by many people. We were free for a long time (2013-2017), but that model did not allow us to provide our best for you. As you know, we are passionate about [...]

CalendarBudget is now LOW COST!!… but we need your help2019-06-11T14:09:31-04:00

Can You Get A Car Loan During Bankruptcy If You Live In Canada?


Yes! Yes, you can get a car loan during bankruptcy if you live in Canada and it's actually not as difficult as you might think. You might be thinking that creditors will run from your car loan application, but in fact, there are many lenders and creditors out there that want your business simply because your car loan would be a secured loan A secured car loan is a safer loan type for lenders when working with people with not so great credit. Going through the bankruptcy process is hard enough as it is for obvious reasons, but please don't feel [...]

Can You Get A Car Loan During Bankruptcy If You Live In Canada?2019-08-07T18:42:32-04:00

MS Money Long Dead, But Still Searched For


Microsoft Money Discontinued But Still Popular Microsoft discontinued development of MS Money in 2009. Despite the product being discontinued, and the free "Sunset" version being crippled, About.com reports that "MS Money" is still the most searched for term in their Personal Finance forums. Other Better Tools Now Available It's funny how we get used to something and would just rather stick with it rather than change - even if the change is a much better option. Think about how so many people took a long time before even trying a bank ATM and still waited in line for the teller [...]

MS Money Long Dead, But Still Searched For2019-08-07T18:46:06-04:00

Migrating From Adaptu


It's always sad to see a company close its doors. We know Adaptu users have put a ton of effort into setting up their budget and money plans and don't want that to go to waste by having to start over again... so, we at CalendarBudget spent the day writing a special import script for Adaptu data export files. See the article here on About.com to learn how to export your Adaptu data. Once you have your export file, go to CalendarBudget, sign up for your free account, then import your file when the Account Setup Wizard opens. It's that easy. Here's a short [...]

Migrating From Adaptu2019-08-07T18:59:15-04:00

Recovering From Holiday Debt


If you're like most people, you spent a little more than you had planned over the holidays. After spending your budget, there is always another must-have item demanding to be bought. That leaves you with unplanned debt on top of your already larger-than-should-be debt. What to do? The fastest and easiest thing to do is to take a look at your cash management. Yep, that means revisiting your old pal - the budget :) It's time to hunker down and face your finances. Find out what your current account balances are, how much you owe and an update on how much you are bringing in. Now [...]

Recovering From Holiday Debt2019-08-07T19:07:22-04:00

Secrets To Keeping Your Spending In Check – Secret #3: Use A Budget!


One of the reasons we overspend is because we don't set reasonable limits on spending. Most of us just keep spending and find there is more month than money. A budget can save you from this problem. First of all, "budget" is not a swear word, and we should not cower when we hear it. Get comfortable with it and your budget will be one of your greatest friends! Take a look at the spending you've been tracking and start categorizing all your purchases into categories such as phone, auto, home, etc. A good number of categories is around 12 [...]

Secrets To Keeping Your Spending In Check – Secret #3: Use A Budget!2019-08-11T20:55:58-04:00
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